Terry G. McGee: Taipei Half-Moon Street (Poetry)

Taipei, the House on Half-Moon Street *

◎ Terry G. McGee

In a house on Half-Moon street
a man whirls in widening circles,
seeking silence,
dreaming the moment of a poem
that will come from that silence.

On the street outside the house
on Half Moon Street
people hurry in straight lines,
seeking and end to their journey,
dreaming of cars,washing machines and Bruce Lee.

* Dear Stone, as I grow older I become more interested in more personal writing including some efforts to resurface my earlier love of poetry. As a poet I am sure you know the experience.Here is small sort of Haiku that recalls a moment during my stay with you when I was in Taipei. Warm regards Terry Mc Gee (2009.01.02)

站內連結:冷水坑的遙望 http://www.cstone.idv.tw/index.php?pl=304&ct1=46


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